About Us

Infinite Design Studio Inc is a clothing design company located in Newark,Delaware. we have our own production plants overseas, we are a direct retailer, manufacturer, and wholesaler, giving you the best possible prices and great customer support.

In an industry that is filled with infinite fashion choices, we know the line between hot trends and fleeting fashions can often become blurred. That is why we are so aggressive in our pursuit to obtain the hottest and most sought after designers and their amazing lines. Always on the leading edge of the hottest trends, we exhaust every possible resource to ensure that our buyers agree that our fashions are a must have.

8dess is a clothing brand created by Infinite Design Studio Inc.
8dess series clothing pursuit the latest fashion elements, use the high quality fabric and choose the most popular design - Browse our works. we are sure you will find something to love!
The new style of 8dess will continue to hit the latest trends and always keep it unique - Please follow 8dess, 8dess will continue to bring you the perfect works!

Believe 8dess, Believe in yourself!

'8dess' and the '8dess' logo are trademark of Infinite Design Studio Inc and registered in the United States.